Sunday, April 17, 2016

Starting a garden

The first thing we did once Spring sprung was put in a garden. We used felled trees from the neighboring forest for the posts, and rough-sawn boards James' grandfather had lying around his property for the rails. (Grandpa Bob lives just down the road and has an old timer's...erm...passion for salvage.) The gate I salvaged from the first rental I lived in on the island. I built it from some interesting scrap metal I found in the old farm dump, i.e. that spot on the property where everything unwanted was thrown and left to, glass bottles, old stoves, etc. I even found a bed frame...

Anyway, I rescued that gate when I moved out, and added it to the garden James and I put in here. Garden fences are a must here. Appropriately, there are a lot of deer on Deer Isle.

James tilling the soil with his constant helper, Pippi Shortstocking
...still holding strong a few years later. This was last winter.

I got some good tips from this fun book I found at a yard sale. It has all manner of old-timey gardening and homesteading advice and anecdotes. We decided to give magnetic gardening a whirl, and added some copper wire to the perimeter. (You can just make it out by a line of snow sitting about a foot and a half up from the top rail.)

I spotted this book for sale on a certain giant online retailer's site, so it's still out there...

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